Our current trustees are:

  • Steve Munday (Chair / Secretary)
  • Hugh Paton (Treasurer)
  • Hannah Foote
  • David Watts
  • Daniel Gilbert
  • Alasdair MacBean
  • Michael Wilcockson

Steve Munday – Chair of Board of Trustees

As both a long-standing member of the Linton village community and a professional career in education, I am strongly aware of the crucial importance of quality youth work in a community. Our board of trustees are strongly committed to seek to ensure and oversee this work in our village. We work strongly with the local churches and have a Christian outlook in what we do. Within this, we are completely clear that the youth work we provide is for all young people of all types and all outlooks. We are very grateful for our excellent youth workers and volunteers who enable this to happen. We are grateful also for the support of the Parish Council and others in this work.