Our Objectives

The Beacon Trust is a Christian charity, supported by the churches of Linton (Cambridgeshire), Linton Parish Council and by individual donors.  Its objective is to serve the young people of Linton and the surrounding area in the name and Spirit of Christ. Its participants are envisaged roughly in the age range of 11-18 years. In support of this objective, the Trust intends:

  • to work in partnership with local statutory, community and educational bodies to offer holistic care, friendship, guidance and support to young people through appropriate activities, sport, clubs, drop-in centres and detached youth work, in furtherance of their social, health, educational, spiritual and moral development. This service is offered to all young people without discrimination of any kind. 
  • to work with the two local churches, and in support of their ministry programmes, to offer to young people opportunities to come to faith in Christ, to deepen such faith, and to develop as Christian disciples within the body of Christ. This aspect of its work is funded by the local churches and by a very useful donation made by The Charles & Mary Anderson Trust for that purpose.